May 31, 2012

Through Water, These Artists Inspire Me

This artist has been one of several who have inspired me to paint landscapes in a different way. I would love to explore much more about color and light and how water bends and distorts these elements in nature.

One of my friends from school did a presentation on this gifted figurative artist, Alyssa Monks. I just love the distortion of the human body/face from the natural bending of light through water droplets.

May 25, 2012


Much can be said for catharsis. Most of the time, a catharsis is temporary, though the book might end at the point of contentment. Getting home to my family in a beautiful, forested part of the world is my temporary catharsis; the beginning of a new adventure starts with my contentment and then a sudden urge to create. Be prepared, art coming soon!!